Craft Corner

Welcome to the Craft Corner! On this page, you’ll find crafts you can print off and do at home, as well as instructions and a video showing how it’s made.

Flying Dragon

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

Paper Cup Lamb

Supply List Template Paper Cup Lamb InstructionsTutorial Video

Winter Snowy Owl

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

I Have A Dream

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

Paper Plate Polar Bear

Supply List – TemplateTutorial Video

Groundhog’s Day Puppet

Supply List  – Template

Butterfly Valentine

Supply List  – Template

Cardboard Tube Presidents

Supply List  – TemplateTutorial Video


Supply ListInstructionsTutorial Video

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

Spoon Flower

Supply ListTemplate Tutorial Video

Wiggly Caterpillar

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

Rain Mobile

Supply List Tutorial Video

Water Bottle Octopus

Supply ListTemplate – Tutorial Video

Handprint Frog

Supply ListTemplateTutorial Video

Mother’s Day Picture Frame

Supply List  – Mothers Day Script 4 designsTutorial Video

Peekaboo Eggs

Template Supply List Tutorial Video

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Supply List – Tutorial Video

Memorial Day Tribute

Supply List – Poppies (36 per page) – Tutorial Video

Baby Chicken

Supply List – Template – Tutorial Video


Supply list – Template – Tutorial Video


Supply ListTutorial Video


Supply List – Eagle templateVideo Tutorial


Supply List for Seahorse – Seahorse Template – Video Tutorial

Floating Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Template – Supply List for Floating Sea Turtle – Video Tutorial


Peacock beak and feet – Supply list for peacock – Tutorial Video

Clothespin Dragonfly

Supply List – Tutorial Video

Handprint Parrot

Supply list for Parrot – Template Parrot Parts Tutorial Video

Mechanical Hand

Supply List for Mechanical HandTutorial Video

Apple Core Magnet

Template – Supply list – Tutorial Video