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Library Board Members

To contact a library board member by phone, call one of our library branches and leave your contact information. We will relay your message to the board member.

Glenn Eddleman – President
Frankton-Lapel and Madison-Grant School Corporations
1st Term Expires 07/09/2022
E-Mail: glenneddleman_lib at sbcglobal dot net

Larry Watson – Vice President
Elwood Community School Corporation
1st Term Expires 5/31/2021
E-Mail: larryw at duckcreek dot us

Kathleen Small- Secretary
Madison County Council
1st Term Expires 01/10/2023
E-Mail: ocmksmall at aol dot com

Mary Kiplinger – Treasurer
Madison County Commissioners
2nd Term Expires 5/6/2021
E-Mail: mesakiplinger at gmail dot com

Beverly Austin – Member
Elwood Community School Corporation
4th Term Expires 05/31/2022
E-Mail: twabja at comcast dot net

Kenny Giselbach – Member
Madison County Council
1st term expires 3/3/2022
E-Mail: kennygiselbach1954 at gmail dot com

Lisa Hobbs – Member
Madison County Commissioners
1st Term Expires 2/28/2022
E-Mail: hobbs8827 at yahoo dot com

Library Managers

Jamie Scott – Director
E-Mail: jscott at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Sheri Wallace – Administrative Assistant
E-mail: swallace at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Michael Robertson – Information Technology Consultant
E-mail: mrobertson at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Tori Walser – Adult Services Manager, Elwood
E-Mail: twalser at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Katie Newby – Cataloging Manager
E-Mail: knewby at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Youth Services Manager, Elwood

Stacey Jones – Branch Manager, Frankton
E-Mail: sjones at elwood dot lib dot in dot us

Jill Murray – Branch Manager, Hazelbaker
E-mail: jmurray at elwood dot lib dot in dot us